Top Tips for Mobile SEO Copywriting

With mobile phone internet usage predicated to overtake desktop usage in less than three years, and almost a third of all web traffic coming from mobile devices – there is little doubt the mobile internet era is well and truly upon us.

As people spend an increasing amount of time with their eyes cast downwards towards their mobile screen, many companies are realising the importance of developing and optimising websites for mobile. Not only does this mean more mobile friendly navigation and separate mobile version sites are used, but a different approach to the actual website content is needed.

With a smaller screen, and more potential distractions the need for direct, relevant and powerful copywriting for mobile screens is one of the most important elements of a effective mobile friendly website.  Continue reading


4 Tips to help Google notice your Website

99-problems but SEO ain't one!

Now this certainly won’t be news to you, but the days where a business owner could place an advertisement in the Yellow Pages and watch the calls come flooding in are well and truly over.  Despite this, many businesses are STILL refusing to change with the times by failing to embrace what I consider to be the one of the most affordable marketing tools of the 21st century.  And yes, by this I am of course talking about Google.

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