8 Tips to use Twitter for SEO

SEO is a part of much larger spectrum of marketing channels like Social Media, content marketing and public relations – they all gel nicely together to ultimately promote your brand. This post highlights 8 tips you can use in your business Twitter to get a boast in your SEO and build relationships at the same time.

Twitter is an absolutely great tool you can use to promote your blog posts, network and if you know how can increase traffic to your website. The beauty of Twitter is you can follow anyone and they may just follow back, maybe.

1) How serendipitous connections can help you build SEO from Twitter

Look for opportunities to initiate conversations with lots of Twitter people. After you established a close relationship, the probability of getting a link back from them to your blog or website in one of their blog post is very high.

2) Create A “Top X List” To Build Links with Twitter

  • Create content around “Top X Lists”. E.g. The Top 10 cafes in Brisbane or The Top 5 funniest videos of the month
  • Find the best people from your niche and mention Twitter profile in your blog article
  • By linking to them afterwards you can build very powerful content and links at the same time.

3) How to build Twitter SEO by helping others

Keep on eye the needs of your followers. For example, a follower might have a technical issue with their website. If you’re able to provide a solution to their query or issue, the follower is most likely to give a back link to your site.

4) Get your journalist “hat on” to build links with Twitter

Tell a story and curate interesting events from across the web. Web Apps such as Storify and Summify can help you suck out summaries of popular news events from your social networks.

5) Recomment a Link to others on Twitter for SEO

  • Requires you to have solid relationship with the Twitter follower
  • Share a piece of content and suggest the follower to link back to you

6) Produce content to answer every day questions for better Twitter SEO

  • Observe, which type of queries are coming up most often in your niche
  • Produce evergreen content that answers this query
  • Tweet the blog article link, whenever someone asks.

7) Offer a powerful  testimonial to create SEO with Twitter

  • Offer others to give them an awesome testimonial about their App, Products or Blog.
  • Win-Win situation for both parties.
  • They get testimonial and you can get back link from them

8) Network with other small businesses to get links via Twitter

  • Build partnerships with other small businesses in the same space to support each other.
  • Great way to kick off conversations
  • Get these deals in the pipeline.

For a full explanation and understanding on how to leverage Twitter to build links, watch Rand Fishkin’s video. If you didn’t know who Rand is, he is like a SEO celebrity in the digital marketing industry, famous for his whiteboard talks.