Top 5 Takeaways from Google Masterclass – March 2014

Some of Media Heroes team members attended a first of its kind Google Partners Masterclass in Brisbane. David Booth was the main keynote speaker at the event. David is a founding partner at Cardinal Path and author to several video courses on The seminar was very insightful  and inspiring, there were many tips we could use and implement into the agency and offer greater value to clients. Here are some of the takeways that were presented at the event.

#1 TrueView
TrueView is Google Adwords for video; basically building a video advertising campaign on YouTube. Many local digital agencies in Brisbane have yet to discover TrueView. With Adwords for video you’ll find less competition and much cheaper keyword costs, so this presents a huge opportunity.  The cost depends on the industry and keyword choice, but on average costs 6 cents (US) per view or click.

TrueView comes in two formats:

A) TrueView In-streams ads

Ads play at the beginning, middle or end of the YouTube partner videos (partners are YouTube users that has decided to make money by displaying ads in their videos. Viewers have the choice of skipping the ad after 5 secs.

B) TrueView in-display ads

In search ads feature normally at the sides whenever users search a video. This includes display advertisements and promoted videos.


#2 Product Listing Ads

Currently  Product Listing Advertisements are 50% less than the cost of search ads. Not many Brisbane agencies in March were not taking advantage of PLA’s, so there’s opportunity for more agency work.

PLAs deliver over 1 million visits per week to Australian e-commerce retailers.

How to create a new Product Listing Ads campaign:

#3 Call Tracking
Google announced Australia will have call extensions with forwarding numbers. This is fantastic news for search marketers, this gives them the ability to track and analyse phone calls from both mobile and desktop ads.

With call tracking you can add click-to-call extensions for Mobile, show phone number on desktop and track no. of clicks on “Call” button on mobile.

What forwarding numbers?

Forwarding numbers are unique 1800 numbers from Google that are placed in your ads to allow the advertiser to forward and track calls to the clients business. By using a Google forwarding numbers you can measure completed calls from Search (this includes calls to the number featured on desktop). The Google forwarding number helps you to obtain key phone details such as:

  • Start time
  • End time
  • Call status:missed or received
  • Duration (seconds)
  • Call area code
  • Call type (manually dialled / mobile clicks-to-call)

How call tracking works?

Basically, your original phone number (e.g. 07 1212 1212) is replaced with a temporary tracking number (e.g  1800 111 222), which forwards to your original business number.

For more detailed information on how to setup call tracking visit Google’s help page on adding forwarding numbers for advanced call reporting.

#4 Google Not Provided

Google will re-evaluate the “Not Provided” – withholding Keywords from organic. Time will tell what changes might happen.

#5 Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager empowers non-tech savy marketers to add or update their website tags and mobile applications, easily and free, whenever you want, without bugging IT people.

Benefits of GTM

  • Reduce the dependency on IT personnel
  • Reduce page load times
  • Quick and easy
  • Enforce governance & compliance

Google Partners Masterclass was a fantastic event with many great insights, tips and advice that were invaluable to any agency.  Were you at Google Masterclass? What were your takeways that resonated?