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SEO Guarantee

Page One – Guaranteed!

Our Promise

We stand behind our promises 100%, so it's only natural we would guarantee our work! In the unlikely event that we weren't to reach our guaranteed performance, we will work for free until we do, so it's win-win for you.

The reason we guarantee our SEO campaigns is so we can take all the risk away from you and focus on delivering results and building a long-term relationship based on trust from the very start.

Are all SEO guarantees the same?

Nope! Here are a few key things to watch out for when comparing SEO guarantees:

1. We have no contracts

One of the typical catches to guarantees offered by SEO companies, is that they only offer a guarantee based on a 12-month contract. This means they're giving themselves a full year to deliver the promised increase in search rankings, which is a huge amount of time to wait for results. At Media Heroes, we offer our 'Page One Guarantee', but we do so on a non-contract basis, so the only reason to stay with us is the value we deliver to your business every month.

2. We're up to 3 times faster than our competitors

We're a lot faster at achieving page one results than our competitors. Our regional SEO guarantee is over a 4-month period, which is up to three times faster than our competitors, who give themselves a full 12 months to deliver the same result.

3. Targeted SEO, not long tail keywords

A lot of SEO packages are based on a large selection of perhaps 25 or 50 keywords, which contain a mix of high value and long-tail keywords (with very low traffic). The long-tail keywords are much easier to get to page one, so some SEO guarantees can be fulfilled by getting only the low traffic (long tail) keywords on page one, which is only going to have a limited effect on your business. At Media Heroes, we focus on targeted SEO, so we only pick the terms that will make a difference to your business, then guarantee the results.

4. Focus on Google

We measure our guarantee by how many page one results we have achieved on Google, as this is where 87% of Australian's search. Many of our competitors include results on Bing (4.2% of total searches), Yahoo (1.8% of total searches) and Ask (0.7% of total searches). When you optimise for Google, you will tend to perform on all or most of the search engines anyway, so when our competitors include them as part of the guarantee they are making their job infinitely easier for themselves and providing a much lower result for you. We want you to perform on page one where most people search, so we guarantee your Google results and everything else is just a bonus for you!

SEO Guarantee*

The Media Heroes SEO guarantee is separated between regional and national optimisation, as they take different periods of time to achieve page one rankings. Our SEO guarantee applies to Google Australia, as this represents 87% of the search volume, but you will also normally appear on the other search engines as well. If we weren't to meet the designated percentage of keywords on page one of Google Australia within the designated period of time, then we will work for free until we do.

1. Regional SEO Guarantee*

When you select a combination of keywords and areas (e.g. states, cities or suburbs), this is known as regional SEO, as you are targeting a specific region of Australia.

Time period to reach guarantee: 4 months
Percentage of page one keywords: 50% (minimum)

"50% of your regional keywords will be page one on Google Australia within 4 months"

2. National SEO Guarantee*

Any keyword without a regional reference is known as national SEO, as you are competing Australia-wide. National SEO is generally much more competitive than regional SEO, so it takes a little longer to achieve the page one positions.

Time period to reach guarantee: 6 months

Percentage of page one keywords: 50% (minimum)

"50% of your national keywords will be page one on Google Australia within 6 months"

*Subject to terms and conditions