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At SEO Hero, we actually don't price our services based on set packages. We price your search engine optimisation campaign based on whether you're looking for regional or national optimisation and depending on the number of keywords and areas that we're pursuing for you. This means each campaign is tailored precisely for your business and it's totally flexible. We don't believe that 'one size fits all' and we want you to be in control of your own budget. We'll recommend what budget we feel will deliver the results to meet your business aims, but ultimately it's up to you.

Regional SEO Packages

This is suited to small and medium businesses who work within a limited geographical area. An example of a regional keyword phrase would be 'Plumber Brisbane'. This is the most common form of organic optimisation and we create combinations of keywords and areas to drive qualified visitors to your website from within your geographical region.

Google Places now orders its results based on the performance of the websites within that area, so regional SEO is more important than ever.

We include Google Places as part of every campaign and we target specific keywords to drive high value visitors to your website.

Prices for regional SEO packages start from as little as $160 per month (plus GST), but the price of your campaign will ultimately depend on how many keywords you pursue, which areas you want to target and how many areas you want to come up for.

The idea with regional SEO is to cast a net over the main areas where you do business, so regardless of what keyword potential customers type in they are likely to find your business at the top of the search engines.

Most of our clients pursuing a regional SEO strategy will start with a budget of around $500 per month (plus GST), but you can always start smaller and build up your budget as you see the results.

National SEO Packages

With SEO Hero you can specifically target the keywords that are going to make you money, then we provide you with the tools to measure the results. National keywords start from $250 per month (plus GST), but they can be considerably more if you're targeting highly competitive keywords.

As part of the consultation process we'll look at your short and medium term aims and advise you about the best keywords to start your campaign.

A typical strategy for a new website is to choose some of the second or third tier national keywords, build up your traffic and authority with Google, then chase the king terms when you've laid a strong foundation.

This allows you to start with a reasonable budget and see strong returns before investing in the most competitive keywords.

This is suited for large national companies and ecommerce businesses and the aim is to come up for specific national keywords. An example of a national keyword would be 'SEO'.

The aim of these keywords is to target anyone within Australia typing in that keyword, so when you compare it to regional SEO, the search volume is considerably higher.

National optimisation is not suitable for businesses only operating in a specific area like Brisbane, as you end up with enquiries from all over Australia. Obviously, because the search volume for national keywords is so high, the competition for these national keywords is also very high.

The strategy with national optimisation is to be selective with keywords and to choose only the best keywords that are likely to result in genuine enquiries and sales.

Pricing for national keywords is done on an individual basis, so we provide you with a quote per keyword.

The reason we do this is that the competition for page one varies enormously between national keywords, so applying a blanket pricing structure would be wildly inaccurate.

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International SEO Packages

If you wish to grow your business overseas, you can either follow a regional SEO or national SEO strategy in your target country. International SEO has several complexities, depending on the country and your business objectives. SEO Hero operates from the UK and Australia and we have several clients in the USA.

Our team of SEO Consultants is highly experienced in international SEO, so if you're ready to grow into new markets, talk to one of our Web Consultants today. Call a Hero today on 1800 464 376 or complete our online enquiry form to discuss this in greater depth.