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Our process explained

How do we as SEO consultants ensure that all of our clients consistently rank in the top positions in Google for their chosen keywords?

Firstly, search engine optimisation is not an art, it's not black magic, there's no guesswork and it's not about outsmarting Google. We use tried and tested processes that increase the relevancy of your website, so you can outrank your competitors. Our SEO programs are highly process driven and all our procedures are fully documented and quality controlled at every stage.

How do we protect our customers from changes to Google's algorithm to ensure consistent results in such a fast changing environment?

SEO Hero is a leader in search engine innovation, which means we invest heavily in research and development and we continually test new ideas on our own websites to improve results before rolling them out to our customers.

We also use every proven technique, rather than focusing only on the current flavour of the month, so when the algorithm changes, our customer's websites retain their rankings and are already ahead of the competition.

Our SEO Consultants follow a six-stage process:

  1. Consultation and keyword analysis

  2. Conversion optimisation

  3. Onsite optimisation

  4. Offsite optimisation

  5. Reporting and monitoring

  6. Campaign management and consultancy

Effective SEO requires detailed applied knowledge and requires a consistent and ongoing effort to maintain and improve results. We have the expertise and resources to achieve page one results for even the most competitive keywords.

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Web Consultant

What to expect from a Hero SEO Consultant

The first time you call or email us, you'll get to speak to one of our friendly and experienced Web Consultants.

Sales people you mean? Not exactly, our Web Consultants have real-world experience in business, an in-depth knowledge of how to successfully market a business online and they're here to advise and help you – they are a team of SEO Heroes!

We need to spend a little time understanding your business and what you want to achieve, before we can recommend some options and give you an accurate idea of pricing.

As part of this process, we'll perform a detailed keyword analysis, so we can start your campaign with the best possible insight into your target market's search behaviour.

Once we've decided on the best strategy, chosen your keywords and agreed a budget, we can start the process of optimising your website. If we're optimising a Media Heroes website, then it will be ready to go.

Otherwise, if we're optimising a website that another web design company has built, then we may need to do some housekeeping to bring the website up to standard before starting your campaign.

SEO Consultants

Heroes of the web

As soon as your website passes our standards quality check, one of our talented marketing consultants will become personally responsible for ensuring your website performs on the search engines.

Your marketing consultant will schedule all the work to your website every month, including link building and article marketing and they'll be responsible for the monthly reporting of results and for suggesting changes to your strategy as part of our continual improvement program.

When you join SEO Hero, we want you to be a customer for life, so we really look after you.

There are no contracts, therefore it's our responsibility to make sure your website and business is successful and makes you money.

Our aim is to help all our customers harness the power of the web and drive the success of their businesses through effective online marketing.

Call 1800 464 376 to talk to one of our experienced consultants today.

Alternatively, use our online enquiry form and our Heroes will contact you.

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Six-stage Process


SEO Consultation and Keyword Analysis

Your consultant will first seek to understand your business, what products or services you wish to promote, your geographic areas, and your target market. With this information, they can research your keywords and make recommendations on various combinations to achieve your business aims.


Conversion Optimisation

You website is a sales conversion tool, which means it's job is to convert visitors into enquiries. Even the best SEO campaign in the world will not work if your website is not effective. As part of your websites strategy, we'll assess the strength of your website as a conversion tool. If necessary, we'll recommend a series of changes to enhance your website. These changes can be done by our team of talented web designers or by your existing web design company.

Onsite SEO

Onsite Optimisation

If we're optimising a Media Heroes website then this process will be easier, but if it wasn't built by us, we spend time bringing the website up to our strict quality control standards to give you every advantage possible. Our in-house copywriters will adjust the content of the website depending on the keywords you wish to pursue and our web team will streamline the coding and alter the meta tags. We also include the set up and optimisation of your Google Places listing for all our customers.

Offsite SEO

Offsite Optimisation

SEO Hero uses the full range of offsite optimisation techniques such as quality link building, blogging, article marketing and many more. We continually work on your website using a huge range of balanced techniques to drive your website up the rankings and keep you there.


Reporting and Monitoring

Once your site has been indexed, we continually monitor the results of your campaign so we can track the effect of the various techniques we are employing in individual keywords. It's critical that we report the performance to you on an ongoing basis so you have transparency regarding your results. Not only will we show you where you rank for every keyword, but we'll show you which keywords are actually driving visitors and sales.


Campaign Management

Your consultant will contact you on a regular basis to discuss your results, share knowledge and advice and find out what effect the campaign is having on your business. We focus on your conversion rate, which means we may need to adjust your keywords or website to ensure you are getting the highest return on investment. Campaigns evolve over time, so this dedication to customer service and campaign management will make a huge difference for you in the long term.