SEO Guarantee Terms & Conditions

The Media Heroes SEO guarantee is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • Offer applies to all new Media Heroes SEO campaigns
  • Regional SEO: 50% of the agreed keywords will be on page one of within 4 months
  • National SEO: 50% of the agreed keywords will be on page one of within 6 months
  • To qualify for the guarantee the minimum spend is $500 per month plus GST or a minimum of 2 keywords, whichever is greater
  • A month of the guarantee period equated to one payment, so if the SEO campaign has been running for 4 months, but only 3 payments are received, then the guarantee period has not yet elapsed
  • The page one guarantee is counted when a keyword is on page one on in the organic listings (including Google Places)
  • The guarantee only applies to clients who follow all of our advice in regard to the SEO campaign and fully implement all our recommendation. Decisions by the client to change the campaign from our recommendations or to not fully implement our recommendations for any reason will void the guarantee
  • If there is a change to the keyword selection within the guarantee period, this will reset the guarantee period to the latest keyword change
  • If the guarantee is not achieved, we will suspend all SEO payments for that specific SEO campaign until the guarantee is reached. If a client has multiple SEO campaigns, only the SEO campaign that is not performing to the guarantee will have its payments suspended
  • The guarantee will expire after a maximum of 6 months of working for free on any campaign
  • The guarantee does not apply to any domains that are blacklisted or sandboxed or become blacklisted or sandboxed during the SEO campaign, due to actions outside our control
  • The guarantee will be voided if the client or a third party engaged by the client (e.g. another web design company) makes changes to the website (including all aspects of onsite optimisation) or performs any offsite optimisation without prior approval from Media Heroes (e.g. duplicate content, meta tags, content, adding spam links or removing the Media Heroes link system). This is critical to ensure SEO work by the Media Heroes is not reversed without our knowledge


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